Education for Life

For more than 40 years, Bergamo has been a highly successful and widely respected private Montessori school in the greater Sacramento region. The school enjoys an outstanding reputation and I strongly endorse its stellar quality of Montessori education.
— David Murphy, Former Superintendent, Davis Joint Unified School District

3 months – 18 months
A Cozy Home Away from Home

18 months – 3 years
The Journey to Independence

3 years – 6 years
A Love for Learning

6 years – 12 years
Learning How to Think

Family Room

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    Who is Matt?

    If we haven’t met:  Hi. I’m Matt and I’m the Executive Director of the school.  If we have met:  Hello again! Recently, I’ve been feeling a bit disconnected from our community.  The

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    Bergamo Guide to Speak at AMI Montessori Conference

    “So many countries around the world are embracing Montessori education as we see the positive outcomes of children who are allowed to be independent, to make mistakes, and who are nurtured to be the best selves they can be. The scientific evidence is also building that supports the work we have been doing for 100+ years.”

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    Is Montessori Just for Preschool?

    What do the older five and six-year-old children get out of staying in Montessori? Although not as intuitively obvious, the benefits of keeping your child in Montessori for “Kindergarten” are even more compelling – and will have profound effects on your child’s social, emotional, and academic development.

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