We are so lucky to have found such a safe and nurturing solution for our girls. You have superb teachers who always impress us as being patient, positive and incredibly talented

— Anne Matthews

It begins here. Your infant’s mind is sensitive and is developing rapidly. He is eager to makes new discoveries each day! This once-in-a-lifetime process is supported with unconditional love in our Montessori infant program.

Adults: 1, Children 3

Infants can never have too much love, care and affection. To ensure your child receives personalized attention, our infant program provides one adult for every three children.

First Everythings

Crawling. First words. Walking. What was impossible yesterday seems easy today. We celebrate these milestones and keep in close communication with you to ensure we are always doing what is best for your child’s development.

Well Trained Professionals

Our school is the only program in the region to offer Infant classrooms led by teachers with the prestigious AMI Montessori certification. This two year training program is a thorough education in child development from birth to age three and prepares the teacher to create an optimal program for your child. More than just a job – our Montessori teachers have a career of choice because of their love for infants, their interest in Montessori education and their unwavering commitment to do what is best for children.

Peace of Mind

No need to worry – your infant will be nurtured in a beautiful, safe and clean environment. From rigorous background checks for teachers, to CPR/First Aid Training for all staff, to a comprehensive school emergency plan, rest assured that we have thought of every detail to protect your child’s well being.

Bonds of Friendship and Love

Imagine a familiar face greeting you each morning – calm, loving and ready to assist your child with the transition from home to school. Picture a group of children excited to see your child when she arrives, to deepen growing friendships. These daily experiences build a strong bond between children, parents and teachers – a true community dedicated to your child’s development.

An Environment Optimized for Your Infant

Our classrooms are designed entirely around the needs of your child. A low rail anchored to the wall provides support as your child pulls himself up from the floor. A soft mat cushions falls. Custom floor beds allow your child to choose to sleep when tired. Infant size shelves display beautiful materials designed to stimulate your child’s senses. Teachers speak in gentle tones and the decor is understated and homelike. Your child will feel right at home in an environment created just for her.

Your Child Develops Trust Through Consistency

Your infant is sensitive to change and routine, and we make every effort to ensure consistency to help your child feel safe and comfortable. Our program is offered on a five day schedule only, so she will be with the same children and adults every day. Sleep and eating schedules are based on your child’s individual needs, which are carefully observed and documented for communication with you when you return.

One Part of a Larger Educational Community

At 18 months, your child is ready for greater challenges. Our school provides a continuum of Montessori education and your child will have a seamless transition to the Toddler classroom. Planned well in advance, this process is designed to make both you and your child comfortable. A meeting with the new teacher and brief classroom visits in advance of the move facilitate the transition.