Luis Alvarez

Luis Alvarez
Bergamo Montessori – Sacramento

Year Graduated from Bergamo Montessori: 2011

College Attending: Sacramento State University

Major: Engineering & Construction Management

Dream job: Industrial buildings fascinate me. I want to be involved in all aspects of design, building and management of large commercial projects.

What skills did you develop at Bergamo Montessori that help you in school today?

I learned how to work with other people, to work out problems problems on projects and to get things done. So much of what we did in class involved group projects, so I had a lot of practice. When I work with others today, I like to take the lead and make sure projects are done well.

I also liked how I was able to pursue my interests when I was in Montessori. I could spend as much time as I wanted to learning about things I liked. It helped me to make a decision about what I wanted to study in college and what I want for my career in the future.

What is your fondest memory of being a student at Bergamo Montessori?

I will always remember my teacher, Aimee Meyer. I spent three years with her in Upper Elementary, so we got to know each other well. She was so patient with me and always seemed to know what I needed from her and the classroom.

What was your transition like to a conventional school when you graduated from Bergamo?

Academically, the adjustment wasn’t difficult. The hardest part the different social dynamic where the other kids had different behaviors than I was used to at Bergamo. Teachers complimented me a lot about how respectful I was.

I adjusted pretty quickly though and found my group of friends who I stayed with through high school.

What is important to you in life?

My family.

Comments about Luis from his teachers at Bergamo Montessori:

“Luis is an extremely hard worker. When he decides on a goal, he does anything it takes to accomplish it. Most importantly, he is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. He cares deeply for his friends, his family, and his community. I know he is going to make an impact on the world in the future.” – Matt Hillis, Executive Director

“I am always so happy to see Luis! He is extremely polite, respectful and helpful. He is warm and kind, and he is a loyal friend to others. He has good “roots,” and he is centered in who he is and in what he wants to become. He is strong, athletic, and determined to take advantage of what life has to offer.” – Aimee Meyer, Upper Elementary Guide