Ski Taylor

Director of Communications & Media

Hometown – Texarkana, TX

How did you learn about Montessori? – When my husband and I became pregnant with our son Jack, we dove deeply into research of educational systems that most aligned with our philosophy and the type of childhood we wished for our son. We had a friend who had just enrolled at Montessori Country Day, and another friend that was a Montessori teacher in Santa Cruz. We narrowed our choices to Montessori and Waldorf, and ultimately chose Montessori after many visits to both schools. My son and I started at Bergamo together when he was five, and I am still eagerly learning about Montessori today, long after my son has moved on.

Where did you take your training? – n/a

Any other degrees, schooling, or training of note? – I quit college to stay home with my son, but my degree programs were cultural anthropology and dance. I am a certified doula, but have not practiced officially since starting at Bergamo 12 years ago. I regularly update my knowledge of design and photography through refresher courses and community college classes. I may actually go back and finish my degree(s) once my son is done with college… I love school and learning!

What do you love about Montessori? – Follow the child!! It was a joy to watch my child thrive at Bergamo (through middle school)! His teachers always took the time and energy to know his learning style and to truly know him as a person. His strengths and weaknesses were given equal attention, in their own time, in a loving way, and with that patience, he always eventually came around to mastery of even his toughest learning challenges. He was held accountable for his actions, and was expected to take responsibility for his time, his actions, his word, and his work. He flourished with the freedom to explore, and to really dig into subject matter, that is the hallmark of a Montessori classroom. I love that his personal growth was equally as important as his educational growth, and that Montessori is such an integrated, interdisciplinary, and holistic method of education. I love that the work is in the classroom, and my son never had to know the burden of too much homework infringing upon his childhood. Because of that, we had so much quality time as a family to explore and engage in many meaningful experiences in our daily lives, and he had the time and freedom to explore, or daydream, or socialize, or contribute to the care of our household. He emerged from his Montessori education as a confident, intelligent, compassionate, self-directed, focused leader among his peers, able think innovatively, and is still thriving as he readies for college now.

3 things you can’t live without – a stash of snacks, frequent escapes to the wilderness, and time with my family and friends

Most favorite trip you’ve taken OR dream vacation – My most favorite trip was a family road trip from Sacramento to NYC for a friend’s wedding when my son was two. It was a week after 9/11, and we took three weeks to drive instead of fly. We really bonded as a young family (our collective sense of adventure and harmonious travel relationship was cemented), and to be out in the nation, meeting and talking to so many other Americans at that specific point in history was a golden gift. The gravity of the days was greatly felt, but there was so much hope and solidarity among so many citizens with so many different stories and backgrounds. My second favorite trip was my family’s three weeks in Europe this past summer- with Berlin and the Bavarian Alps being, resoundingly, our most favorite destinations ever. We felt so at home. My dream adventure is anywhere far enough north to get a good look at the Northern Lights. I love cold weather and solitude, and can’t wait to see the lights from someplace far away, far out, and freezing!

Favorite local treat – I love an afternoon bike ride to Ginger Elizabeth, and the other treats nearby – Devine Gelateria, and Old Soul Coffeehouse. My family also loves to ride over to Spinners Cinnamon Rolls on Sunday mornings and then head over to Land Park next door for a sticky sweet picnic in the grass. The sweetest treat, though, is sneaking away to quiet spot along a river, or a long walk after dinner.

One rule you live by – ‘Be true to your work, your word, and your friend.’ – Henry David Thoreau

Favorite quote – “We’re gonna live like we are telling the best story in the whole world… Are you ready?” – The Brothers Bloom AND/OR “I get up every morning determined to both change the world and to have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning the day difficult.” – E. B. White